If you are a fan of TikTok, you’ll know that the For you page is the best place for you to go and get the most exciting content to enjoy. In the past, people used to make assumptions that the For you page is there to pull videos that are related to your profile, location and it also appeared to be a curative feed. Today, everything has been clarified by TikTok. Now, everyone has an idea of how the For You page reflects references that are very unique to each user. According to TikTok, the system usually recommends content by ranking TikTok videos based on many factors such as the interest that you show when you first visit TikTok.
Factors that contribute to the content that appears on the For you page
The user interaction- User interaction is the first thing that contributes to the For You page suggestions. Things such as the accounts that you follow, content that you like, content that you share, content that you post, and content that you create will always have a huge impact on the For You page suggested content. For more on interaction, visit lets viral
Video information -This is the second important thing that will dictate the For You page suggestions. This may include details such as sounds, hashtags, and captions as well. On video information, lets viral website can be of help.
The device and the account setting- Apart from the video information and the user interaction, the account setting and the device sets have so much to do with what will appear on your For You Page. Things such as your language setting, your device type, your country setting, and your preferences will also have a major contribution to what is likely to appear on your For You Page. With this information, you can tell what influences your For You Page.