Everyone likes dinning with fine delicacies. Sometimes those delicacies are topped and flavoured with a little touch of wine. That is why chefs add wine in most supreme dishes or suggests their consumer have the food with the respective wine. You cannot enjoy one wine for all your dishes. The unique flavour comes out when you match the food with its complimentary wine. It is a reason why you need to buy chianti Classico.

Is this wine tasty?

The wine comes from the rich vineyard of the Chianti region, thus the name. It is a Tuscan red wine. The colour is as intense as ruby and has a spicy perfume with a slight touch of wood. Besides, when you take one sip, you will feel the presence of rich floral notes enriched with the smell of fruits. Thus, the taste is well-balanced and pleasantly tannic. The taste will remain in your mouth for a long time and make you long for more.

How are they produced?

The best of the Sangiovese grapes are used in the production of the Chianti Classico. These grapes are harvested in the oldest vineyards, located above sea level. This location faces a wide variation of temperature, changing overnight and day. This temperature condition provides the wine with its unique scent.

Why do you need to buy this wine?
The Chianti Classico is rich, elegant and is like velvet-smooth. Its well-balanced taste of persistent and pleasantly tannic makes it a perfect match with red meat or strong cheese. So, buy chianti Classico and flavour up the simple dishes.

Wines are meant to be enjoyed with simple cuisines. It will not go perfectly with the dishes that already have wine as part of their recipe. If you want to enjoy just the drink, then have it with some cheese.