It is important to understand the shtf plan and how it works so that, you know how to utilize it when the need arises
Fill the gas tank and get home or to the meeting location that you agreed upon
In case you are determined that the event is one which is widespread, and could be one which is a shft instead of an emergency situation that is temporary, it could be time to get home as fast as possible. If you are at school or work and your vehicle is able to start, then that is important. Utilize the route which is traveled less frequently and appear to take you around the danger zone.
While on your way home, if you are pass through a gas station and it happens to still be open without any long lines, you should stop over and gas tank in case it will be required later. Use the available cash that you have to buy any supplies that you might require in case the situation happens to extend into one that is long term.
In case your vehicle cannot start because of an EMP or whatever reason, ensure you grab your survival bag, filling it with whatever supplies you can from the car before you start on foot or through an alternative means of transport like biking.
Review the emergency plans of your family
You will need to ensure that, you go through the emergency plans that you have set for your family and find out if they are still applicable or if you have to set them to the modern scenario. Depending on the survival situation which you find yourself in at the moment, there might be a need to review the emergency plans for your family.