The front doors are the main entryways to the house or the home. And it is therefore important to make sure that we secure these doors, they are not easy to pick or tempered with in any way. This is to make sure that all your belongings and most importantly your beloved family members are safe.

But before you even begin to wonder what door lock type is best for your front door, you first need to put some things into consideration;

● The door type is one of the factors that would determine what door lock you should best go for. A wooden door may need a different lock from a composite door. In most cases, wooden doors are fitted with two locks.

● Your building might also determine the type of lock you get. A domestic house may require different locks as opposed to a flat or an apartment. This accounts for the number of exits and escapes requirements.

While you are looking to tightly keep intruders out, a door lock should be able to give you easy access and entry to your house. This is why you need a competent and expert Auto locksmith, to advise on what specifics you should have for your locks. Here are some types of locks you should consider;
5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

This is one of the most common types of door locks used in both the front doors and the back doors. They are usually best fitted to wooden doors and can be locked and opened from the inside and/ or the outside. Unlike some other door locks, that fit the locks on the surface of the door material, these are usually installed in the door material.
Multipoint Locking System

Here, the key is inserted into the door, while the locks are fitted into the frame of the door. It has multiple bolts, 3-5, that engage. This uses the euro cylinder mechanism lock to operate.
Euro Cylinder Lock

These are not only great for front and back doors but can also be used for internal doors. They also have multipoint locking systems and are mostly used on aluminum doors. They are also great with timber doors and are one of the most popular locks used in modern homes.